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What is musicOMH?

musicOMH is a diverse and completely independent reviews and features publication, covering music, films and theatre.

The site is based in London, UK and features the contributions of writers from there, elsewhere in the UK, France, the USA and Canada.

It was founded by Michael Hubbard in 1999 and it editorially occupies a space somewhere between broadsheet culture supplements and specialist music weeklies.

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How do I find articles on a particular band or artist?

Our search engine, currently powered by Google, is found on all pages.

What are the system requirements?

The site has been tested to work best at 1024×768 pixels on the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. It should work fine on phones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop screens.

I want to syndicate your content – can I?

We discuss syndication of content on an individual basis, so please contact us.


musicOMH is archived by the British Library. Our International Standard Serial Number is ISSN 2516-6220.