About Us

What is musicOMH?

musicOMH is a diverse and completely independent music reviews and features publication.

Founded in 1999, it editorially occupies a space somewhere between broadsheet culture supplements and specialist music weeklies.

What do you cover?

We publish reviews of albums, festivals, gigs, concerts, opera and festivals. We also publish a range of features including but not limited to interviews, season previews and occasional opinion pieces. We do not cover singles or EPs.

Can I get involved?


How do I find articles on a particular band or artist?

Our search engine, currently powered by Google, is found on all pages.

I want to syndicate your content – can I?

Re-use of articles up to three years old is subject to our arrangements with collecting agencies. We discuss syndication of content, and of re-use of articles more than three years old, on an individual basis: please contact us

Do you accept guest posts or sponsored posts?



The publication has an International Standard Serial Number allocated by the British Library: ISSN 2516-6220