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Anton was born in Australia in 1970, in the same month that The Beatles split up. Now a father of twins, occasional academic and full-time caffeine junkie, he compensates for a general sense of disgruntlement by moping about in darkened cinemas watching other people's joys and sorrows. He seeks elusive thrills from all genres (even romantic comedy), but tends to prefer anything extreme, odd, miserable or tawdry. Anton also freelances for Film4 and iofilm, and was for three years one of the principal contributors to the now semi-defunct Movie Gazette. Favourite films include Eraserhead, Brazil, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...and Spring, Apocalypse Now, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, M. Houlot's Holiday, Ichi the Killer, Last Year in Marienbad, and Batman 1966. If Anton were king for a day, he would probably spend the time catching up on some sleep.
Anton Bitel

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