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Emily was weaned on her mother's favourite music from the 60s, which has given her a healthy appetite for the Beatles, Motown and Northern Soul. Her aunt once went on holiday with a Kink. Today, her desert-island band would have to be the Flaming Lips, and she is also listening to a lot of Lykke Li and Bon Iver. She dislikes boys in waistcoats playing jangly guitars with shouty regional dialects. And the Ting Tings. She is an aspiring writer whose home is somewhere in the north of England. Originally from Leeds, she is about to start her NCTJ qualifications in Liverpool having just graduated from an English and Drama degree at the University of Manchester. She writes across several different media and has recently begun to write her first play. She loves art, photography, films and literature. She hasn't watched TV since MTV stopped airing Daria, would quite like to learn the musical saw, and her favourite forms of sustenance are Pop-Tarts and gin.
Emily Heward

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