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Date of Birth: November 10 1980

Location: Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Graham’s earliest memory is of his dad holding broken lift doors open in a hotel in Spain. (He’s not entirely sure if this is true or not, but it will have to do.) Primary school was fun; his friend pushed a classmate out of the window on the first day. He got into trouble in P5 for throwing his blackcurrant juice after failing to be picked for the football team (again).

In the Spring of P6, his sporting career began and ended. He was on the subs bench and, during the second half, the coach took pity on him and let him on the field. The ball was passed to him, and he tripped over it. Lying in the mud, surrounded by thunderous laughing, he knew his football career was over.

He left Primary School and went to the Big Kids’ School. On his first day, his French teacher confidently sauntered into the room and in an enthusiastic voice he bellowed “Je m’apelle Gerry Bell!”. Graham took an immediate dislike to him.

He loves music, films, books and pints. And he dropped out of university because the snack machine did not contain Crunchies. Now he intends to do some backpacking and drink some pints in the next year or so.

Graham Smith

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