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Humm, where to start...maybe with a copied TDK D90 cassette tape handed over in the study hall containing Metallica's And Justice For All... (see, the older guys were doing pirating well before you youngsters showed up with that Napster stuff), and pretty much everything spiralling (that's a headbanging spiral by the way) downhill from there. Pretty much a standard metal fan, into gigs, motorbikes, computer games and working in IT, with a few claim to fame gigs nestling in his memories: Pantera at the Marquee (don't try and find it, it's not there any more...) in '93, Anthrax and Pubilc Enemy at the Brixton Academy in '91, Anthrax at the Underworld in Camden (with signed ticket stub), Faith No More and Red Hot Chili Peppers in their early '90's prime. But he doesnt hang on to his past, and still attends concerts to complain how "moshing isn't what it used to be" and throw 15-year-old hardcore dancers on their heads. Shock and horror - he didnt have a problem with Nu-Metal, and listens to emo stuff, although still coming back to stalwarts of old school Slayer / Metallica and Iron Maiden, he preaches a 'everyone stay together' vibe, just so long as your metal and don't do hardcore moshing at gigs. Ian thinks that cats are better than dogs, Raging Speedhorn were seriously underrated, Spinal Tap is the greatest film ever made, anyone that rides a Harley Davidson and calls it a motorbike should just go home, and anyone that has a child should enforce its first album to be AC/DC's Back in Black.
Ian Robinson

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