Jamie Harper

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Jamie has big hair. Jamie once told a girl that she'd have a poster of him on her wall one day following a dispute. Jamie isn't actually that pretentious in real life. And she was a twat. Jamie wants to know what yawning means and why it's contagious. Jamie wants a good job. Jamie's apartment smells of rich mahogany. Jamie likes a good drink. Or more. Jamie likes music. Jamie won't let the apostrophe die. Jamie doesn't believe in Facebook. Jamie thinks sleep is incredible. No really. What happens? Jamie hates everyone but you. Jamie's real name is James.
Jamie Harper

Articles by Jamie Harper

Grand Theft Bus – Made Upwards (Albums)
Sacred Mother Tongue – The Ruin Of Man (Albums)
The Thermals – Now We Can See (Albums)
Grammatics – Grammatics (Albums)
Wounded Knee – Shimmering New Vistas (Albums)
Red Light Company – Fine Fascination (Albums)
Ashley Walters – Ashley Walters (Albums)
Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers – Pandemonium Ensues (Albums)
Teitur – The Singer (Albums)
Grand Duchy – Petit Fours (Albums)
Steve Cradock – The Kundalini Target (Albums)
Moriarty – Gee Whizz But This Is A Lonesome Town (Albums)
Dead Residents – Triple Crown (Albums)
Bound Stems – The Family Afloat (Albums)
Grampall Jukebox – Ropechain (Albums)
Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautiful We Are Doomed (Albums)
Various – Late Night Tales: Matt Helders (Albums)
Glasvegas @ Trinity, Bristol (Live)
Cats In Paris – Courtcase 2000 (Albums)
Thomas Tantrum – Thomas Tantrum (Albums)
XX Teens – Welcome To Goon Island (Albums)