Jemma Smith

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Born in 1984, Jemma spent most of her life living in Pontefract - the home of Haribo sweeties. A burning need for excitement led her to make her home in Manchester, where she became possesed of the dual bugs of music and poetry. She now dwells up in the hills with the sheep and the cows in Lancaster. Jemma's passions in life are walking on the wet leaves on an autumn day, playing and dancing with friends, and twirling in scarlet shoes on cobbled streets in moonlight. Her music tastes are varied - she particularly likes Tori Amos and Martha Wainwright and loves the child-like simplicity of Dar Williams. David Bowie also has a special place in her heart, after she overcome her six-year fear of him - brought about after being made to watch The Labyrinth by a very mean older friend at a tender age.
Jemma Smith

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