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John was born in 1972 in Liverpool, to a Beatles mad mother and a jazz obsessed father. Perhaps it wasn't surprising that his formative years should be shaped by music. From the sheer horror of hearing Terry Wogan's The Floral Dance at the age of five, to the almost life changing experience of hearing Perfect Skin by Lloyd Cole And The Commotions, John has always been fascinated by music. He dreams of working in the music or film industry, but by day he takes the corporate dollar and works for Ufi Ltd in Sheffield (they do that 'learndirect' thing dontcha know?), thus enabling him to afford his frankly harrowing addiction to CDs and DVDs. John lives in a luxury apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. When he wakes up however, John lives in a flat in Sheffield, with just three shop mannequins and a tear stained carpet for company.
John Murphy

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