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Jon Ingold's love of films stems from a love of stories that began at an early age as a love of lying, and by the tender age of six he had already convinced his friends and teachers that his middle name was "Spitfire" and that he'd been born on a train between Finland and Sweden, hence lacking an official nationality. The desire to criticise films arose later during teenage years in which he was too young-looking to get served in pubs. All-time favourites discovered at that time are the Director's Cut of Blade Runner, Jeunet's City of Lost Children, Bogart's To Have and Have Not and The Muppet Treasure Island. He considers One Night at McCools and 2010: Space Odyssey Two to be underrated classics. While working on the student paper at university he was called a "smart-arse" by Grant Ferguson. As an adult he's found that lies are best disguised as short stories, novels, plays and film scripts, some of which have been published and produced. Since becoming a secondary school teacher he's stopped making them available on his website. He's also a widely-known figure in the Interactive Fiction community and has won several awards for his work. To his great irritation his girlfriend considers him "very honest".
Jon Ingold

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