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Katie has lived in four different continents in the world and firmly believes there is no place like home, which is currently her parent's spare room in South London. She has loved theatre and film ever since she was a small child. Seeing characters come to life sure beat reading, which was long, difficult and boring. This is why she decided to study English Literature and Philosophy at university. Katie graduated from the University of Edinburgh in May 2007. Since then she has been focusing on writing and the arts and has successfully left her creative footprint on Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she spent three months helping set up a studio space for theatre and film production in the form of Carte Blanche Studios. She is also an accomplished poi spinner and a writer of children's books. The most interesting thing about Katie is that she once lived in a tent for three months. For Katie the music highlights of the past year have included the rise of Regina Spektor and Corrine Bailey Rae and the release of Alice Smith's album For Lovers, Dreamers and Me. Theatre highlights have without a doubt included King Lear at the New London, and David Bedella in The Rocky Horror Show.
Katie Jackson

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