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Listen to Linda Serck on Blast1386 radio for her Evening Classes show, based around the best in new music, retro sounds and unsigned bands. Listen on Thursdays from 11pm to 1am via The show is repeated on Saturdays from 3am to 5am on and on Sky channel 913. Frank Zappa once said that writing about music is like dancing to architecture. And in many ways he has a point. In other ways he's being a silly old moo who should be proven wrong wrong WRONG! Never let it be said I'm not argumentative. So here I find myself with a life revolving around music, past and present, in my daily job at BBCi Berkshire, my social life and of course with musicOMH. If it's not reviewing bands (signed and unsigned), it's constantly listening to new music - so much so it's hard finding the time to enjoy favourites such as Janis Joplin, Velvet Underground, Air, T-Rex, Radiohead, Nick Drake, Muse etc. Much as I hate the word, you can probably tell my taste in music is 'eclectic' (cringe). Let's not forget the cheese though: I readily confess to loving '80s nights, and I have to admit the old air guitar comes along with me! (Double cringe). I've come a long way since smearing on black lipstick and playing guitar in a school band, called The Radioactive Nuns no less. This was at the British School In The Netherlands where I lovingly grew to hate the Dutch obsession with soft rock and gabber house (their taste in music hasn't changed and probably never will). So thank Christ I moved over to England to study at uni, otherwise I may have found myself sipping Heineken in The Hague whilst toe-tapping to Boston's More Than A Feeling. (Could that be a triple cringe?) Anyway, here's what's on my playlist for this month: Frank Black, Grandaddy, The VCs, The Dears, The Tears, Coley Park, The Sadies, Ambulance Ltd, Pixies, The Replacements and Muse. Bye!
Linda Serck

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