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Mark inherited his interest in music from his family, whose gift of a cassette recorder on his fifth birthday led to a long and productive career of low-level music piracy and critical aloofness. Eventually he realised that not all pop music was awful and that there was good music to be found outside the rosters of Warp, Rising High and Planet Mu, and he harbours a fondness for the 19th century Romantic greats and a secret soft-spot for female singer-songwriters. He buys most of his new music in the local and unsigned sections of the few remaining record shops he can find, preferably abroad, and he wants to move to Reykjavík. Beginning as a violinist and singer, he spent many years playing drums in bands in Oxford and clearing dancefloors from the DJ booth. Having accepted that he will never be Roger Taylor from Queen, or Luke Vibert, he's now set his sights on becoming John Peel (!), and to that end produces and presents regular podcasts for as well as his own monthly "Eclectronimentica" show at Like Peel, Mark enjoys gigs and recordings by bands he's never heard of, cries over the music of Roy Orbison and plans to die on holiday. Mark is on Twitter: @markwilden
Mark Wilden

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