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Michaela was born in the 1967 Winter of Lurve... in Leeds. She always assumed she was adopted, due to being nothing like any other member of her family either in looks or chaotic personality. She made a significant mark during her school days by being one of the most loud and attention seeking individuals even she has ever met. She grew up daaan saaaaf and left home at 17. She spent time trying to find herself and lose herself simultaneously at festivals and in gigs, leading a nomadic, post-hippy existence, which involved moving around Britain. She started with Devon, then Somerset, Glasgow, Cambridge, London, eight years in Liverpool. Finally she settled in Brighton. Michaela has spent time in various day jobs, earning some peanuts, whilst her passion has always been music and writing. The main permanent figureheads of her life have been Roger Waters, Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull and Van the Man, although her open-mindedness and appreciation of most music styles is improving with age. Most of the music press winds her up, so she says she's glad to now have a platform for her views and to be able to redress the balance on musicOMH. She is, essentially, a humble office worker during the day and a rock chick at night.
Michaela Whitton

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