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Robin Bruce Jackson was born in York in 1979 and shares his birthday with Angela Rippon. Growing up as a choir boy in a classical music loving family not only helped mould him into the well-rounded, open-minded person he is today (honest!), but also gave him no end of opportunities to learn how to rebel. Through these misguided attempts to shock and appal his family he discovered there was an infinite wealth of music waiting to be discovered, and these days will listen to absolutely anything once. Currently fighting an uphill battle against an Architecture degree at Cardiff University, he wastes his time skateboarding, writing for the student paper and drumming in various bands. He dreams of owning every CD in the world ever and plans on becoming rich and famous in the not too distant future, either through music, design or as a professional Mariokart 64 player. His favourite tipple is White Lightning and his favourite food is salad cream.
Rob Jackson

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