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After spending his formative years in Saudi Arabia, Tom returned to England in the '90s to discover that live music was a lot better than listening to it on your sports walkman. When not out searching for a culinary outlet that serves Vegan food, Tom divides his time between writing his MA thesis and playing bass in a proper metal band. (the sort that would make Lemmy howl for joy). At other waking moments, he takes many, many pictures. Some of the better ones can be found here. He still detests iPods, apathy and people who get on to tube carriages before letting other passengers off, but hopes that moving to Australia in the summer will put it all in perspective. He thinks Orange Goblin are THE most underrated band in the world. Ever. He's also currently listening to Tool, Becoming the Archetype, Isis, Pelican, Red Sparrowes, Cult of Luna, Sleep and Five Horse Johnson.
Tom Day

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