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Tom is a History graduate based in Oxford looking to forge a career in spouting off about music he loves. He'd probably do it for free anyway, so he might as well try earn some coin doing so. From an early age, Tom could often be found jumping from sofa to sofa listening to Blur or Nirvana; not much has really changed except the knees are a little creakier, so a lot less jumping and general exuberance is involved these days. Adolescence merited him with a desire to play instruments and after conning his friends into thinking he could play drums, only to be found out in spectacular fashion. They begrudgingly taught him guitar. Playing the banjo and the lap steel are future goals. His father bestowed upon him a love for new music, whether that be contemporary bands or old archives unknown to him, and so, with time, the baton was passed over to Jowett the Younger to champion the cause of interesting and progressive music to those willing to listen (which incidentally isn't many). Open minded and imperturbably enthusiastic, Tom loves a lot of different styles of music; Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa, Grizzly Bear to Panda Bear, My Bloody Valentine to My Morning Jacket. Discovering new music slowly becomes a very healthy addiction and Tom is well and truly hooked, he loves nothing more than a friend saying "mate... you've got to hear this band".
Tom Jowett

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