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A media recruiter by day and music reviewer by night, Victoria first cut her teeth as a local hack. Having spent six years reporting on more flower shows, council meetings and court cases (yes these really are the bricks-and-mortar of trainee journalism) than you can shake a well chewed biro at, she feels she has well and truly deserved her stripes. Victoria now combines her two passions in life, music and writing, and is a regular contributor for a range of leading independent music sites. If she's not listening to it, she's talking about it and if she's not talking about it she's writing about it. Despite being born in the city, Victoria now enjoys the best of both worlds and spends her working week in London and her weekends in a small village in Hertfordshire where she lives. Brought up on a mixed diet of Queen, Genesis and Annie Lennox, courtesy of Mum, and Stevie Wonder and Randy Crawford, by Dad, she'll happily give anything a listen and refuses to become a music snob. Victoria is at her happiest when she's crowd deep at a live gig, the louder the better, and is a total sucker for useless music trivia. Victoria is on Twitter: @VixDillingham
Victoria Dillingham

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