Vid Simoniti

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Vid was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After a short stint as a small-time TV actor in his teenage years, he gave up his dreams of becoming a D list celebrity and left for the UK. Here, he has studied at Reading and UCL, worked for a year in theatre marketing, and is currently trying to escape the real world again by doing a masters in Philosophy at Oxford. His taste for theatre criticism was first awakened when at the age of 11 he was taken to see a production of Tosca, and was much troubled that after the leading lady had hurled herself from the bridge there was no thump or thud to be heard. He has reviewed for several student papers and his pastimes include obsessively checking his three email accounts and YouTubing obscure electro tracks.
Vid Simoniti

Articles by Vid Simoniti

Vanya @ Gate Theatre, London (Theatre)
Aunt Dan and Lemon @ Royal Court, London (Theatre)
Painting a Wall @ Finborough Theatre, London (Theatre)
Void Story @ Soho Theatre, London (Theatre)