Another week, another award ceremony

This week, the Q Awards took place, amazing us with revelations such as Amy Winehouse is pretty good, the Arctic Monkeys are ‘the best act in the world today’, Kate Nash is a promising new songwriter and that Kylie Minogue is a "Q Idol" (even Kylie wasn’t too sure what this was all about, saying "Just don’t ask me what it means, but I’m very grateful").

Once upon a time, we had the BRITS (or the BPI Awards as they were known), and that was it. Sure, they were an utter embarrassment, usually awarding Annie Lennox an award even if she hadn’t released a record, but they were all we had. Then the NME decided to stage The Brats, to stick it to the man and give awards to scruffy indie types who, like, swear and everything.

Now, you can’t move for award ceremonies – one week it’s the Mercury Music Prize, the next week its the MTV Video Awards. And what do they all signify? Absolutely nothing – the irony is that the same acts that the Brats were set up to acknowledge are acclaimed by the Brits. The alternative has become the mainstream.

Is our addiction to award ceremonies just devaluing our music? Do we really care that the readers of Q Magazine believe Ian Brown to be a living legend? Will people who’ve not heard The World Is Yours think "you know, I was never that bothered about that Stone Roses bloke, but if Q readers like him, I may just check him out".

Or are they, in reality, an excuse for our nation’s pop stars to get royally pissed up on free booze, and a gilt-edged opportunity for Q, MTV or whoever to gain a shedload of free advertising?  Just once, it would be nice if a month went by where we were award-ceremony free.

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