BAFTA Awards

Tune in to BBC1 at 9pm tonight for all the posh frocks, dazzling smiles and tearful speeches from the BAFTA awards.

With writers still feeling militant over the pond, it’s likely that the BAFTAs will take on more significance than usual this year. The Golden Globes were a mere news conference, and it’s not yet clear what form this year’s Oscars will take.


Not only that, but there are British entries in all the main categories, with Atonement amongst the favourites.

A full list of nominations can be found at the BAFTAs website.

UPDATE, 21:30 GMT:

Atonement was named as best film, Daniel Day-Lewis as best actor for There Will Be Blood and Tilda Swinton as Best Supporting Actress for Michael Clayton. But Julie Christie missed out.

Full list of winners:

BAFTAs website

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  • John Murphy

    Well deserved gong for Javier Bardem – his turn in No Country For Old Men was nothing short of astonishing. Still to see There Will Be Blood, but Day-Lewis directed by Anderson is bound to be worth watching.
    The US writers strike is nearly over incidentally. They’ll vote to go back to work this week and production is likely to restart on Wednesday (,,2255526,00.html)
    There was no way that the studios would have let the Oscars become the farce that was the Golden Globes this year.

  • Anton Bitel

    I am surely not alone in the view that Atonement is a well enough made but rather middle-ranking period adaptation, and no real match for at least two of its American rivals (and one German). Isn’t the award supposed to be for “Best Film” (as opposed to “British film”)? It is a judgment that makes the BAFTAS look absurdly provincial…

  • Anton: Agreed, but Atonement only gathered two gongs from 14 nominations, so maybe the BAFTA people agreed with your view!
    Gawd, the awards season’s well and truly got going, hasn’t it. The BAFTAs and Grammys last night, next up the NMEs and then, in a fortnight, the Oscars. If only I had a lovely designer dress to clothes-horse about scarlet pile…