Beijing, By Jings! China’s Alternative Music Scene

Two of the words in this post’s title began with the letter B. Neither of those words was “BRITs”.

No, instead this post concerns something on a rather different level to being told that a superannuated boy band make the best music in Britain, and that somehow M.I.A. wasn’t even worthy of a nomination, even if she’d wanted one.

Well away from Earl’s Court, ITV and industry hand-wringing,’s netjetter-in-chief Alvin Chan has knocked up a little ditty of a feature on Beijing’s burgeoning alternative music scene. You can read the fruits of his toil here.


One of the most intriguing points in his piece, at least to me, is the difference one live music venue can make, even to a city the size of the Chinese capital. Filling in a survey the other day, I was asked which was my favourite live music venue. I think there might be a blog post on that in the near future.

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