Bestival 2009: Day 1 Recap. Whatever Happened To Volume…

So to recap. That was day 1 of Bestival. At least we think it was. In some ways it's hard to tell. Out of the four acts we saw on the main stage (Friendly Fires, Florence And The Machine, MGMT and Massive Attack) we only heard one – the Bristolian trip-hoppers.
And that was only because there was enough of an outward migration to allow for easy passage to a more central position. 

Is it atmospheric? Is it geographic? Is it symptomatic of a larger problem affecting festivals all over? 

Because, you know, when people go to a music festival isn't the expectation that you want to hear something of the artist performing?
You can't help but feel that the moving of the main stage to a position proudly atop a hill wasn't the best decision. Good for defending against Viking hordes. Poor for festival crowds. And the atmosphere has really suffered.
Will things improve? We shall see… 

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  • Michael

    So what’ve been your highlights so far? We’ve heard of the lowlights.

  • Tim

    Massive Attack were good – after a slow start anyway.And. 65 Days Of Static were pretty exciting, if a little full-on for 2’o clock on a Friday afternoon. Been hard to see past the disappointments so far.

  • Michael

    Try harder. The sun is shining and the line-up is awesome. Get your lazer out later, yes? Or at least have some sugar.