Bestival Day 2: A Space Odyssey

Morning all. Apologies for the lack of bloggage and hope you've been following the tweets. Technical hitch finally overcome, normal blog service will be resumed today. 

Day two is breaking across the valley which surrounds the Bestival site – the sunrise and sunsets down here are stunning, the sort of thing you expect to see in Peake District adverts.
It is officially fancy dress day and we expect even more aliens, astronauts, robots etc to be out in force. 

As you may have guessed the theme is "from outer space" (though try telling that to my colleague Tim "The Pimp" Lee). We'll be snapping and posting some of our favourite outfits later.
You don't need to be Gok Wan to notice popular combos for the girls involve something spangley or spandex. For the gents it seems to be dresses, boob tubes and other worrying wardrobe choices. I have settled on a Star Trek uniform which looks a little cheaper than Tim's purple hat. 

It's now time for breakfast. I wish I had a replicator for French toast and scrambled egg.

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