Blade Runner: The Final Cut

"I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…"

Word just in for fans of the classic, never-quite-done-yet science fiction noir-thriller Blade Runner is that Ridley Scott’s latest – and, he assures us, last cut – will be released as part of a so-big-it’ll-hurt-your-letterbox DVD set on the 3rd of December, just in time for you to buy it as a Christmas present for someone so obsessed they’ll already have bought it for themselves.

But for those of you who think fifty quid for four near-identical copies of a film you already own three cuts of, don’t despair – a theatrical release has also been announced. On the 23rd of November, Blade Runner: The Final Cut will be shown in cinemas. Now, whether that’s nationwide or just in key cities (er, London) remains to be seen. But we are promised, along with digitally remastered sound and visuals, several new and previously unseen scenes. Whether it will – or even could – improve on the seminal Director’s Cut version is an open question, but at least we’ll be able to see the answers without giving up a serious section of shelving just for the privilege.

Scott says: "The Final Cut
is the product of a process that began in early 2000 and continued off and on
through seven years of intense research and meticulous restoration, technical
challenges, amazing discoveries and new possibilities. I can now wholeheartedly
say that Blade Runner: The Final Cut
is my definitive director’s cut of the film."

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  • Michael

    So if it is his final ever, honest, director’s cut, we’ll be ready for a remake, right?
    On the subject of Ridley Scott, is anybody looking forward to seeing American Gangster? Denzel, Russell Crowe and Ridley make quite a mantelpiece of Oscars between them, don’t they.

  • Jon

    I’ve now seen this cut. However, reviews are embargoed until November, so I’m not going to say anything about it. Which is convenient (he adds, mysteriously).