BRITs 2009 – reflections


After musicOMH gallantly reported on the BRITS launch party, we thought the least we could do was watch the ceremony and follow this through to its Fern Cotton flavoured finale.

So. A few notes.

1. Hosts James Cordon and Gavin off t’Telly were, at best, average. A couple of unfunny and smutty gags were made up for – just – by a joyous dance to the Pet Shop Boys‘ Go West at the end. Kylie was DREADFUL.

2. Coldplay. Poor man’s U2 or just poor? Military uniforms and drummers posing do not a triumphant concert make. And Chris was out of tune.

3. Take That. Flying saucer. Incredible. A BRIT moment for the highlights video – like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with added Gary Barlow. Even without the much touted Robbie comeback, this was superb entertainment.

4. Duffy. Care? Nein. M.I.A. was robbed.

5. We don’t think the Pet Shop Boys were taking their performance seriously.

6. Elbow‘s shock best band award – couldn’t have happened to a more deserving band. Humble, lovely and they even had a joke at David Hasslehof’s expence on live TV. “Fancy a drink, Dave?”

7. The Cotton. God. There must be better out there, right? Perhaps The X-Factor should start auditioning presenters too.

8. And finally, are Kings Of Leon really that good? Really?

Anyone anything to add?

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