Cloverfield is out this week: producer J J Abrams large-scale lofi mash-up monster movie filmed on a home video camera. If you’ve seen any of the footage or the five minute clips you’ll know it looks stunning, if a little "jiggly" – but more than one critic has complained of severe motion-sickness while watching it. I know horror films pride themselves on making people feel ill, but when I saw a preview myself I spent a lot with my eyes closed enjoying the excellent sound-editing and thinking about horizons. Luckily, our reviewer was made of sterner stuff.

So what do you think? A thriving genre of film-making or a cheap attempt for meta-cinematics? Does it have anything to say about 9/11 or is it just "borrowing" from it? Is seven years on really long enough? And are we getting a bit sick of films about how hard it is to be American right now?

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