Edinburgh Fringe: Namedropping

Dan Antopolski was… okay. He’s had really good reviews and is back on
the fringe after a few years off. Saw
him several years ago and he was good, but, as with many things in Edinburgh, unable to live
up to the hype. He was amiable and good
fun, but the material (the sandwich rap and a few other bits aside) was fairly
uninspired. Maybe I’m bitter, but comics
in their thirties going on about their kids leave me a bit cold.

I saw an enjoyable sketch show at midday
today – If You Like – part of the Free Fringe. Energetic young performers who got away without seeming too studenty, onlyjust
on occasions, but even that’s quite an achievement when you’re a bunch of
middle class young people doing sketches.

My show went really well today. Thanks for asking. And now I’m rushing off to have drinks with
Isy Suttie and others…. I know she’s not big yet, but still it’s nice to hear
some kind of name clunk heavily on the floor in this blog. Adrian Edmondson offered to buy me a drink on
Friday. But he didn’t know who I was and
Isy does, so it’s a more acceptable name drop, I think you’ll agree.

Fringe stalwart (at the tender age of
twenty-something, the precocious b*st*rd) Mark Watson is on my list for

Cheerio for now from Edinburgh,



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