Edinburgh Fringe: Kitson

At last, I’ve been to a proper theatre.  I have found culture and it truly is beautiful.  Okay, it’s a bit of a cheat it wasn’t a full play or anything…  I went to see Daniel Kitson’s

66a Church Road: A Lament Made Of Memories And Kept in Suitcases.

It was a wonderful piece of comic melancholy, beautifully told.  Touching and funny it reminded me of the love/hate relationship I had with my first car, a brown Vauxhall Nova saloon (with beige interior).  It comes from the poetic heart of a pedantic, romantic personality that would much rather spew forth his feelings for a flat in Crystal Palace than any of his human loves.  And to me this seems a more honest, credible and moral thing to do.  Think of those artists who have left hearts already bruised, further battered by their one sided musings in songs, novels, plays and, probably even worse, in stand-up.

The staging, using beaten suitcases and an old rug is wonderfully lo-fi, though Kitson apologises at the end for their size and the fact that beyond the first few rows you can’t see the detail that’s been put into the design.  But you can come down and have a look and take pictures at the end.  I tried with my phone, but they came out blurry.  But trust me they look very sweet.

I have to run off now…  sorry.  Will post more about other shows I’ve seen like Nick Mohammed (very good), Idiots of Ants (good performers, but style over substance) soon.  Promise.

Lots of Love


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