Edinburgh Fringe: And the award goes to…

So the fringe is almost over and exhaustion has set in.  But just as you’re settling down to your cup of cocoa trying to beat off the festival flu along comes the hype of the if.comeddie awards nominations.

And I’m so plugged into the scene this year that I haven’t seen any of them.  But I am very excited that I do have tickets to see the favourite for the main award, Rhod Gilbert.  From what everyone’s saying he’s created something amazing and people aren’t saying that about much this year.

David O’Doherty is a lovely musical comic and I do normally try and catch him, but I’ve usually found his stand-up between the songs has taken the shine off the hour a wee bit, so typically this year I’ve missed the show where he’s, seemingly, got everything right.

Of the newcomers, I’d guess Sarah Millican would be the best bet.  Haven’t seen any of the actual shows, but I have seen Sarah a few times and she is brilliant.  Pippa Evans’ character comedy has gone down well here, but, as with so many similar shows, hasn’t blown people away with the full hour of material.  If you can prove your talent as a performer, however, the effort is certainly worthwhile and a nomination goes a long way.

Elsewhere I am taking it easy-ish, hanging out in my lovely pub venue and the Pleasance Courtyard.  Had a lovely show yesterday – it looked like it was going to be quiet so I got everyone to move to the front and then it filled up, so the atmosphere was cracking.  That buzz was followed by a lukewarm review of the previous day’s show which was very quiet, though not terrible by any means.  If it is possible to have a nice two star review, then I got one, which sounds weird, but it’s true.  So far I have discovered that I am either ‘well-meaning’ but not funny, have ‘a deal of charisma… (but) not yet all that funny,’ or ‘He’s funny…. If we were all Tiller boys and Tiller girls the world would be a lighter place.’  Make of that what you will, but I’m making the most of the last one, it’s the only thing a right-thinking man would do.

Tonight I may take in one fringe show, but am also off to see a band tonight, Paul Vickers and the Leg, which should be a welcome relief from fringe madness.  I met Paul through his work on a project entitled Recording the Impossible, which combines beautiful soundscapes, music and comedy and is truly a work of art.  I’m looking forward to the gig.

Ta for now.


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