Edinburgh Fringe 09: Forest Fringe

Yesterday was the half-way day for musicOMH and we celebrated by lightening our load (i.e two shows instead of five) and going for a nice long walk in the bits of Edinburgh that don’t contain venues. We stopped and had a cup of coffee and, get this, read a book rather than spend the time scribbling down notes about shows we had seen. We tried to empty our heads, for a short while, of things connected to theatre.

Later, when happily caffeinated and sun-fed, we broke our fast with the wonderful Sporadical, part of the opening night happenings at the Forest Fringe (21.00). Sporadical is a folk opera type thing by Little Bulb, the company behind the inventive and moving Crocosmia. This new show is very different in style from their last, a far bigger thing with ghosts and mermaids and music and props made of cardboard and poster paint.

Little Bulb are artists in residence at the Forest and the show will be grow and evolve over the next fortnight. The Forest Fringe has a ridiculously exciting programme: Melanie Wilson, Rotozaza, Action Hero, and it has a truly exciting vibe, an unforced air of creativity and energy. Go visit.

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