Edinburgh Fringe 09: High Hopes and Let Downs

musicOMH has been here there and everywhere over the last few days. We have been disappointed: Hoipolloi’s The Doubtful Guest at the Traverse (various times) was one of the things we were most looking forward to and it was something of a let down. Based on the world and work of Edward Gorey it was visually spot-on and yet utterly undercut the elegance and concision of the original with a drawn out performance style that had the characters explaining their every action as they carried it out.

We have also been captivated by Accidental Nostalgia, Cynthia Hokins’ barmy musical memoir thingy, also at the Traverse (22.30). We have sympathised with the sad, yearning faces in the Daniel Kitson returns line as they reach the front of the queue only to get turned away. We are tired but not fatigued. We still have hopes of seeing surprising, exciting, hidden things. We’re sure they are out there.

That said we are off to see Frisky and Mannish’s School of Pop tonight at the Underbelly (21.00); we know they are good, we know we like them but sometimes the comfort of the famailiar is what’s required.

For further information, tickets and things, as ever, see:

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