Edinburgh Fringe 09: The Final Week

musicOMH is entering the homestretch: today marks the start of the final week of the Fringe. There is a buzz in the air about certain shows and some of the element of uncertainty inherent in Fringe theatre-going has been removed. Much of what we’re seeing now has been recommended or reviewed elsewhere. The hot tickets have been decreed and we are fortunate to have a couple of them smouldering in our pockets.

This means our hit rate is higher than it has been. We liked Crush at the Underbelly (15.15) a very well-acted two-hander about relationships in the internet age. Ella Hickson’s Precious Little Talent at the Bedlam (14.30) is also is well worth seeing and it builds considerably on the promise she showed with Eight. We also really liked Frisky and Mannish’s School of Pop also at the Underbelly (21.00), but then they were already known to us. It was interesting to see them work an over-excited Friday night crowd in a bigger venue to the one we saw them in last time and their Lilly Allen does Noel Coward skit still made us laugh like a very happy drain.

We are forcing ourselves to acknowledge that we will probably not have time to see everything we want to see. There are simply too many things and not enough days left to cram them all in.

Edinburgh at least has remembered, if only for today, that it is August and therefore supposed to be summer. We are going to play in the sunshine while it la

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