Interview: LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy

At last. I’ve published the first of my series of interviews with groundbreaking electro artists.

This one is with LCD Soundsystem’s front man and main songwriter, DFA Records head honcho and general all-round hero-god James Murphy.

He divulges some natty recording techniques, namedrops some synths, speculates on Daft Punk’s living arrangements and bigs up Brooklyn, amongst much else.

This piece comes ahead of the physical release of LCD’s 45:33 project. We’ll call it ‘project’, I think – it’s the length of an album, costs about the right price for an album but looks a bit like a single. He’s got a Fabric Live mix CD out too, co-spun with LCD/DFA compadre Pat Mahoney. Quite the busy boy.

And yes, I did say ‘series’. The next piece isn’t with an American artist. Nor a Brit. A big virtual gold star for whoever guesses who it is.

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