Jamie xx reworks Gil Scott-Heron’s I’m New Here


Jamie xx is a busy bee at the moment. Since the ubiquity of The xx's Mercury-winning debut album xx, he's been working on solo material – a single, Far Nearer, is due soon – and reworking XL labelmate Gil Scott-Heron's Richard Russell-produced I'm New Here album. And there was us thinking he and his black-clad labelmates might've restricted themselves to bathing in champagne for a while.

Taking 13 tracks from Scott-Heron's original I'm New Here sessions, Jamie has come up with something that looks less like an album of remixes than a complete rebuild, called We're New Here. Assorted formats of the album will hit the shops on 21st February.

Ahead of this comes the first single, NY Is Killing Me. Play/share/download it with the widget below, if you're of the mind.

We’re New Here track list:
1. I’m New Here 2. Home 3. I’ve Been Me (Interlude) 4. Running 5. My Cloud 6. Certain Things (Interlude) 7. The Crutch 8. Ur Soul and Mine 9. Parents (Interlude) 10. Piano Player 11. NY Is Killing Me 12. Jazz (Interlude) 13. I’ll Take Care Of U

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