Latitude: day 3 – To Whit The Beginning Of The End

Aye, it’s the last day. And there’s still plenty to see. The Breeders, Grinderman, Interpol are all high on the list of things to do this evening, helpfully positioned one after the other on the main stage. Before that a spot of These New Puritans and George Pringle will help warm us up. Plus, seeing Pringle will mean that those of us playing tent bingo will be able to stand, raise their arms and scream "Full house!!!". Actually, you’re right: it’s only me playing tent bingo. Hard as I tried to sell it.
And I’ve found a charger for my phone. It’s looking up. But we can’t help thinking of Joanna Newsom. Awww. She looked so nervous. So distraught. So, Joanna, if you’re reading this, don’t worry. You were great.

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