Latitude – Radio 4 stuff


So while Tim, Jamil, Rob and Darren scurry about writing up their Latitude experiences on the ground, I thought I’d mention some of BBC Radio 4’s various programmes coming from Latitude, seeing as I’m in London and slightly wishing I wasn’t.

There’s a recording of Just A Minute (for autumn broadcast), Loose Ends (featuring Seasick Steve and Guillemots) and even Sunday morning’s flagship news hour, Broadcasting House, with Martha Kearney.

I admit I sniggered slightly in 2007 when I heard Carolyn Quinn broadcasting live from Glasto on the Today Programme, interviewing Marcus Brigstocke about his when-all-this-was-just-a-field experiences, but Latitude’s tie-up with Radio 4 has gone much further. As befits a festival replete with a poetry stage, theatre areas, almost as many authors as Hay-on-Wye and, of course, the Radio 4 arena.

Tune in to Broadcasting House on Sunday at 9am, at the fest or on the radio, to hear Martha chat with Franz Ferdinand about why Radio 4 is where it is.

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