Leeds Festival 2009 Snapshot: Day 2

So, day 2 of Leeds Festival at an end already. Here’s some thoughts on the day’s highlights.

Radiohead – 2 hour headliner set, the first half was gloriously atmospheric and then they cranked it up a gear. Ending with Paranoid Android, Just and Everything In Its Right Place. What’s that? You were expecting Creep? Silly billy.

Broken Records – more people should know about this Edinburgh seven-piece. Intense Arcade Fire style rock with a healthy dollop of Celtic folk. Brilliant

The Hot Rats – aka Gaz and Danny from Supergrass covering, among others, Beastie Boys, Roxy Music, Doors and The Beat. Tremendous fun

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – I still say their last album dragged in parts but live they remain formidable. A gorgeous acoustic version of Maps moved more than a few people to tears

Frank Turner – weirdly, he leaves me cold on record. Live, the intensity and joy he creates is a thing to behold

The flag ban – ok you can see the stage now but the flags added to the atmosphere for me. It’s not quite the same without them

That ‘Yorkshire’ chant – it’s a bit annoying really isn’t it? Can we stop it now please?

One last blog tomorrow night and remember to follow us live tweeting on Twitter @musicOMH

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