Leeds Festival 2009 Snapshot: Day 3

And so, it's all over for another year. Apologies for the lateness of this blog, due to iPhone/Safari disagreements. Full review to follow, but here's some random thoughts of Day 3 of the Festival Republic end-of-summer shindig:

Faith No More – Most people had gone to swoon over Caleb and his Kings of Leon on the Main Stage, but those people left in the NME tent were treated to a performance of quite awesome power from Mike Patton and his reunited men. And, for some reason, they treated us to the Eastenders theme tune too.

Little Boots – Maybe not the typical 'Leeds Festival' type of act, but she had the whole tent jumping in unison to Stuck On Repeat. She even invited her amusingly inebriated brother up on stage to wish him happy birthday, and then her entire family invaded the stage. Bless.

The Horrors – Considering their latest album is so damn good, this was a major disappointment. I know it's their shtick to be a bit grumpy and mysterious, but they looked disinterested and bored throughout. Shame

Florence & The Machine – Last year, she played to a handful of people on the Festival Republic stage. This year, she's Mercury nominated and drew the biggest crowd of the weekend to the NME tent.

The Big Pink – On at the same time as Florence, but those who ventured out of the rain into the Festival Republic tent were treated to a fine set from one of this year's best discoveries. Dominoes already sounds like an anthem in the making

Jack Penate – The year's most unlikely reinvention continues with a show of unrestrained energy and joy. He even lost his natty white shoe when diving into the crowd during Let's All Die. So he did the rest of his set barefoot.

Jamie T – Another packed out performance, and judging by what he played on Sunday night, the upcoming album Kings & Queens should quite a listen.

Instigate Debate – Carl Barat, Clint Boon, Jon McClure, NME journo Jamie Fullerton and a competition winner called Sophie debated the future of British music. Very entertaining, especially with Rev McClure in full on rant mode, tearing into the NME ("when you've got young kids in their bedrooms dreaming of making it onto your cover, and you stick two fuckin' comedians like The Mighty Boosh, or a fuckin' kids programme like Skins on the cover – well, that's a fuckin' disgrace Jamie") and lambasting 'landfill indie' ("any band who says they're indie and they're signed to Warner Bros – well, they can just fuck off"). I often find the Rev a tad annoying, but he was spot on throughout this debate. A good way to kick off Sunday.

Weirdest rumour of the weekend  – Overheard on Saturday night: "Quick, get yourself to the Alternative Tent. Jay Z's playing now. Honest". He wasn't.

And now we're back, away from the rain and the mud and already thinking of next year's festival. Who'll be headlining? The rumours start now (our money's on a debut solo show from Noel G…)

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