Music videos are back: Hercules And Love Affair and The Kills

Towards the end of 2007 we ran down our music videos section. With the rise of YouTube and Apple’s music video content, less people – including us – wanted to fanny about with plugins, some of which worked for Mac, some for PC and some for neither.

The Kills

We’d contemplated shutting the section entirely and posting videos into this blog instead, but while we still might occasionally do that to illustrate blog comments, we do feel the videos section is a handy way of flagging up new signings, tours, releases and general excitement for acts we like.

So at the start of this year we’ve redesigned the videos section to feature less content, choosing to highlight lead singles, one-offs and exclusives, viewed with YouTube. No more plugin fannying. \0/

We expect to select two or three videos a week in the section for the rest of the year. The old video links will remain in place for now too.

Do let us know what you make of the changes, either by commenting here or through that vintage communications device known as email, and get in touch if there’s a music video you reckon we should post.

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