musicOMH has moved to HTTPS

https - SSL protocol

As part of a package of back-end changes to how musicOMH works, the site is now served over HTTPS. As this alters our URLs slightly – adding an ‘s’ after the ‘http’ – and has (unfortunately) meant our social media counters have been reset, we felt providing an explanatory page might be a thing to do.

By using HTTPS, internet service providers (ISPs) are not able to track the pages our readers are accessing. This means the privacy of the site’s readers is protected when accessing content that may disclose political opinions, faith, sexual orientation or any information that may be used against them. Once on HTTPS, third parties are prevented from inserting code into the site, or tracking what our readers are doing.

Moving over to HTTPS also provides other benefits such as a potential increase in search results; Google now favours https content.

Additionally, browsers will ensure that the content displayed is published by musicOMH. Without HTTPS, someone between the browser and our website could maliciously display other content or alter our content.

If you spot anything untoward as a result of this changeover, do feel free to drop us a line about it.


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