New music to love

What a lot of rather ace music there is coming out soon.

Rather than wait for album and track reviews to eventually drift in to the reviews sections, here’s a few flagging-ups of music to get excited by. Ready?

Hercules & Love Affair featuring Antony – Blind
One of several new collaborative efforts from Antony (& the Johnsons) Hegarty, this one’s off DJ Andrew Butler (aka Hercules & Love Affair)’s soon-to-be-released-by-DFA album. It lasts for more than six minutes and reinvents Antony as a dance diva. Quite right too. I’ve no idea when it’s released, but the MP3 can be heard here.

Sons & Daughters – This Gift
If you missed their coruscating cover of Adamski’s Killer, B-side of this album’s lead single Gilt Complex and surely one of the best cover versions ever made of anything, fret not. On 28th January you can make amends and pick up the Scottish band’s own material. Full of energy and very, very loud, we suspect this Domino-released record will make this year’s albums-of-the-year lists no matter what else appears during 2008. Check out their MySpaz page for some tunes.

Joe And Will Ask? – remixes and first releases
They headlined’s November gig at London’s Good Ship and we’ve loved them since. After remixing Milke and Crystal Castles they’ve just signed to Andrew Friendly’s Gulp Communications digital label and have their first releases slated for spring. Technotrance to make you dance. MySpaz.

These New Puritans – Beat Pyramid
This intelligent and frenetic album is released on 28th January on Angular Recordings. These New Puritans are angular. They even have angular-looking twin brothers in amongst all the synths, computers and (whisper it) guitars. They were ace on the Vice tour supporting Crystal Castles last year. File slightly to the left of Foals and have a listen here.

Temposhark – The Invisible Line
Finally, Messrs Diament, Busby et al have finished their debut album, something like three years after their debut single. Synths to the fore, pouts at the ready, this is electropop for discerning dance bunnies and it’s released on their own label Paper & Glue on 3rd March. Meantime, there’s always MySpaz.

And if none of that lot butters your parsnips, there’s always Rufus Wainwright pretending to be Judy Garland at the Carnegie Hall…

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