Radiohead – The King Of Limbs… out now

Radiohead-The-King-Of-Limbs-Gear-Patrol You might by now have cottoned on to the fact that Radiohead are releasing a new studio album. It's called The King Of Limbs.

It was to be made available this Saturday as a download, for the princely (and fixed this time) sum of £6, with assorted physical versions following through XL Recordings on 28th March. Now the download has been brought forward to today. As in, it's out now. And of course we've not yet heard it (all). When we do, a review will doubtless appear, as is the way with these things.

In the meantime, they've put up a video for a track called Lotus Flower. Wayne McGregor did the choreography, you know. And here it is:

Thom Yorke solo record, anyone?

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