SXSW 2009: The Golden Filter @ Austin Convention Centre

In Austin, Texas, is Mark Sando. He'll be checking in with occasional blogs during SXSW this week. At the moment I've no idea why the post says it's from me, as I'm not there and didn't write it. Technolobugglz. Michael

The Golden Filter first appeared in July 2008 under a cloak of
mystery. "We are super new and somewhat secretive" they said, causing
a flurry of excitement amongst blog readers who speculated that the
band was a vehicle for the side project of someone quite well known. Guesses ranged from her Madge through to Kylie, Blondie - and even
Little Boots gets a mention. 

Some months on, and as The Golden Filter take to the day stage in
Austin's convention centre the enigma remains. The band's lead singer
is dressed in purple and gold, her fringe so long that you cannot see
her face – you wouldn't blame her for avoiding the gaze of her audience
– the setting is grey and corporate, filled with tables, chairs and
old men taking photographs.

Nonetheless, The Golden Filter begins to whirr and break into their
first track Favourite Things, owed to everything the band love in
life – vodka, whiskey, pretty dresses, New York, London and Paris
(well, who doesn't love all these things, really?).

The vocals are like that of a drunk and etheral sacharine coated
madonna and the energetic singer struggles to be heard above the
pounding drums and synth stabs of their moog prodigy.
Song two is a more dream like affair pairing whispered vocals with
understated keyboards and chimes. 

The third and final track in their short set is Solid Gold or 'the
single' (literally, the single). It's a synth drenched ditty that
invites you to bask in the sunshine with the beautiful people. 

The Golden Filter are also keen remixers and remixes of Peter Bjorn
and John
, Little Boots, Cut Copy and Empire Of The Sun – maybe this gives you a good
idea of where their sound lies.
Keep an eye out for them in 2009, and let's hope the mystery is revealed.

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