The Divine Comedy: Bang Goes The Knighthood

The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes The KnighthoodSavour this album packshot for a moment, if you will. It’s a bit brilliant, don’t you agree?

Yes, Neil Hannon is back. Following his foray into matters cricketing with last year’s The Duckworth Lewis Method, The Divine Comedy returns with a (count them) 10th studio album, called Bang Goes The Knighthood.

The cover, just to recap, features Neil, in a bath, with a dog, a bowler hat, a bottle of champagne and a pipe. And a good many bubbles. This can only be good.

The album will be released by Neil’s own label Divine Comedy Records on 31st May and shall sport the following tracks:

1. Down In The Street Below
2. The Complete Banker
3. Neapolitan Girl
4. Bang Goes The Knighthood
5. At The Indie Disco
6. Have You Ever Been In Love
7. Assume the Perpendicular
8. The Lost Art of Conversation
9. Island Life
10. When A Man Cries
11. Can You Stand Upon One Leg
12. I Like

Given that musicOMH began life as a Divine Comedy e-zine of sorts sometime last century (you knew that, right?), this has us bouncing just a little. More, we hope, soon.


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