The Great Escape – Day 1 underway

There have been various secret gigs during the afternoon which, as is the way with such things, weren’t really all that secret. Indeed, anyone subscribed to the now sold out Great Escape’s text alert service will have been aware of John & Jehn (who are later subbing for a sadly absent Emmy The Great at the Spiegel Tent) playing at 3pm.

The programme of events for the evening proper gets under way in some venues at 6:45, with most others staging bands and artists in half-hour bursts from 7:15pm. Music is then non-stop through till something like 2am, at Barfly and Pressure Point at least.

Spare a thought for The Ting Tings, who take to the Barfly’s stage at 1:30am tonight and show up at Concorde 2 at 2am tomorrow. If memory serves, their recent London KOKO show was after midnight too – they’ll be getting a reputation.

On the subject of the-really-quite-far-away-from-the-centre Concorde 2, it’s headlined by Vampire Weekend tonight. It looks like a long way to walk to not get in – anyone who remembers trying to get to see CSS at the same venue last year will know the score. And as for out-of-the-way venues, taxis might be a good option to travel between there and The Old Market for Iron & Wine.

But all that is later…

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