The Great Escape – greytops remember when all really was fields

Annie Nightingale was magically replaced by sometime scribe and talking telly head John Robb, looking spiffing in a shiny lime suit as he chaired a Great Escape panel of acid heads spouting about the glory – gory? – days of aceeed house.

The Grid and Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll, variously grey and bald, weighed up the democratisation of music making and the advent of ketamine for our pleasure. Apparently there’ll be no Orbital reunion just yet, as Phil’s brother Paul isn’t keen.

Earlier, the opposite end of the music spectrum was served by the woozy acoustica of Peter von Poehl at the Spiegel Tent, which this year is in the grounds of St Peter’s .

Reports from last night’s Stag & Dagger back in London meanwhile suggest queues there gave the Great Escape a run for its moolah…

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