The Great Escape – Day 2 round-up

Well, that was a late one in the end, and certainly eclectic.

From Telepathe’s Mac-made loops of sinister electronica at Revenge, through the befeathered Saul Williams’ very late running set at Volks to the fragile, timeless and oddly timed songs of Vashti Bunyan at the Theatre Royal, the evening had a bit of everything.

Purposely avoiding bands we’d seen already we found ourselves at the Greco Roman night at Komedia which, we were told by a Scot, was moving to Pavilion Terrace to run till 7am instead of staying at Komedia till 2am with Joe from Hot Chip and chums DJing. The party wound down.

Swinging past the packed Hector’s House where Alphabeat did their best to seem more than one-hit wonders and on to the Coalition for a spot of dancing courtesy of DJ Alex Metric, and then back north again to Pressure Point for Bishi, whose set was late “because of taxi issues”.

Full details of all this and rather a lot more in the reviews of course.

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