The Great Escape – live blog


After a run of beautifully sunny days, today, the first day of Brighton’s Great Escape festival, is grey and damp. This is a nuisance, as this festival means moving between venues almost constantly. I have the impression I might need to find time to buy new shoes at some point, if existing footwear gets too wet and icky.

By my reckoning we’ve been asked to interview over 40 artists, have the option of seeing hundreds of gigs over three days and have the distinct chance of collapsing in an unkempt heap by Sunday. Twas ever thus at this event.

If you’ve not seen it yet, our Great Escape preview is live now, featuring a picture of Santogold pouting. I’ve listed ‘Six Of The Best’ to get going with, including Esser and Bishi, but doubtless you’ll have your own recommendations and reports.

There are three of us covering the event this year and it’s likely we’ll all have our favourites, but there’s no way we can cover everything. So if there’s something going on that you think we should know about, we’d love it if you’d let us know. This you can do either on this blog or by email on [email protected].

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