The passion of the McFly fans

Last night, I wrote a review of the new McFly single, The Heart Never Lies. Have a read.

I wasn’t that impressed with the single, despite the fact that I don’t actually mind McFly. I think they’ve done some good pop songs, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m a sucker for a good pop song. I’m far too old to worry about looking ‘cool’ and if I like a good pop song that’ll stay number 1 for a while, I’m quite happy to say so.

Anyway, I gave The Heart Never Lies a negative review, which upset the McFly fans no end. All night I’ve been reading emails from the fans, berating me for my bad taste, demanding I retract the review or just calling me a ‘hater’. While some were just abuse, there were also other articulate, well-written arguments – which made me wonder why these people weren’t joining us as writers.

While I was quite surprised, I was also quite impressed. To have that much passion and enthusiasm for a band that you can mobilise an army of people online to track down the reviewer concerned and tell him exactly what you think of him (although ladies, check the spelling next time eh?) is an impressive achievement.

It made me think about myself in fact. I like to think I’m a pretty passionate music fan – which is one reason I write for this site. Yet if I read a negative review of a band that I like, then I just kind of shrug, think "huh, what do they know?" and get on with reading the rest of the site/magazine. I just don’t have the energy or passion to mobilize my friends and war a campaign against the writer. It’s not that important to me – but should it be? Maybe I’m just not as passionate or interested in music as I once was – maybe when I was 18 I would have sat down and scribbled a letter of protest, but nowadays, I just couldn’t be bothered. The thought of not being passionate about music scares me, but maybe I’m not.

I can understand fans of unknown bands getting annoyed over bad reviews, as that could affect someone’s decision whether to buy the record. Yet a band like McFly are critic proof anyway – The Heart Never Lies is going to be a massive hit, and nothing that I write about it could prove otherwise.

So what do you think? Do you take it personally when you read a negative review of someone you like? Or do you just think "ah what-eva", and buy the record regardless? If you’re a fan, do you hate reading negative reviews?

Genuinely interested to know what other people think, and if you’re one of the many McFly fans who were upset by the review, would love to hear your (well-reasoned) arguments too.

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  • I think there’s a confusion in what you say above about, on the one hand, being passionate about music and, on the other, being passionate about responding to the subjective opinion of a writer. They are not the same thing.
    As for the criticisms themselves, well….! Most people with IQs at least marginally above those of the average cabbage realise that a review is a piece of subjective writing. It is a comment, an opinion. It is not a news piece. It is not gospel.
    And nothing in the world is universally loved or hated. Some people even love Ben Elton musicals, which I shall never understand.
    What I find is particularly strange is that some people think that a review can be “wrong” or “right”. (Like George Bush says “you’re either with us or you’re against us” – what intellect.)
    And then they believe that by hurling abuse at a writer that somehow that means they’re “right”.
    Can anyone explain the thinking? Is there any?

  • Tami

    You should see what the fans do to the pictures of any of the Mcfly boys’ girlfriends or girl friends. It’s frightening.

  • Kimberly

    I think you’re ridiculous with no clue. What you’re saying is that they are a worthless Pop band who aren’t allowed to have opinons about life?! So they want to express what they are feeling through music! Let them! That’s what music is about, expressing yourself. Quite personally I think you have no idea. Stop treating them like pathetic symbols and realise they are bloody human.
    – I agree with what that Michael guy said… but this article made me angry, and this is my opinion. I think the author is an absolute joke.

  • Kimberly

    PS. By this article I don’t mean this one, I meant the review. Didn’t realise I didn’t put that in. Sorry.

  • Bec.

    “The Heart Never Lies is going to be a massive hit, and nothing that I write about it could prove otherwise.”
    Then stop wasting your time writing articles like this. McFly fans are loyal and we are not going to listen to an old man review about how “bad” a song is. We can make up our mind, thanks.

  • Sarah

    Theres having opinions and then theres being completely insulting. You were insulting. Of course it is going to upset us McFly fans. The Heart Never Lies is a great song. Those boys are growing up and so their music is maturing. I believe that song is very mature AND memorable. But hey, theres always got to be someone to bad mouth bands. You did a good job at it. Congrats!*sarcasm*

  • Hannah.

    Do you realise, that you sound like a complete bafoon?
    Maybe people would take your opinions on the single seriously if you learnt how to write a decent review and didn’t feel the need to be so rude and insultive.

  • Tegan

    I dont understand this view on pop groups about ‘limited shelf life’. I think the McFly boys have proved that they do not not come under this misconception anymore because they have been together for just over 4 years now with their 4th studio album due for release in March 2008. Busted were around for 2 years, only managing 2 studio albums. Of course youre entitled to your opinion, but its obviously an un-researched pile of drivel.

  • M

    I understand and I accept that you don’t agree with us hard core McFly fans when we say that the song is great and that’s okay. We can’t always agree with everyone and just as we’re entitled to our opinions you’re entitled to yours but there were parts of that review that upset me. McFly’s shelf life for instance has little to do with your opinions on The Heart Never Lies. Just like you’ve said here yourself, it’s going to be a massive hit and McFly will be around for as long as we, their loyal and loving, fans are and I think you’ve just seen and experienced just what we’re willing to do to stand up for our heroes. Because that’s what they are to us and as long as they please and satisfy us, is there really a need to try and bring them down? Aren’t that really what it’s about? They are amazing and often, unfortunately, underestimated musicians and they can’t stay 16 forever. But guess what, neither can the fans. Many of us has grown up together with McFly and we don’t mind their music evolving and them maturing. It shows how much they’re learning and growing.
    Feel free to write whatever you want to the next time as well… of course people are allowed to review McFly’s works but count on us fans being there and actually having our own opinions. People often call us victims of clever marketing and what not but we’re fans of their music and we demand to be taken just as seriously as fans of any other recognised band because McFly deserve every single fan they’ve got.
    Thank you. I think it’s very good of you to actually respond to the reactions you’ve received and I’m sorry about any abuse and I hope you listen to the arguments instead. Not all of us are 14 years old (shocking, right? Shouldn’t be!).

  • I personally don’t agree with the review because The Heart Never Lies shows how far McFly’s music has matured since their first single.
    It’s a review though and everyone is entitled to their own opinions – good or bad – which music will be subjected to. So he gave the single a bad review, so what? It’s probably not going to affect McFly’s music career or them.
    There is not one song which will be liked by every single person on Earth anyway so all the abuse is unnecessary.

  • Debbie

    Everyone is enitled to their opinion. the only difference your opinon makes is that it is there for the impressionable public to read. This is probably why the Mcfly fans objected so much. It seems since day one McFly have never been given the credit they deserve, they are good musicians and write and play good songs but they are constantly put down by the industry and the press, they rarely get radio play. Anyone who has any doubt about McFly should go along to one of their gigs, they are an amazing live band, so get a ticket and reserve judgement until you see them live.

  • Olivia

    Wow, what a debate!
    What I would say about the passion of the Mcfly fans is that it’s not whether you like the record or not, as that’s a personal opinion and no-one should make you like it, but the other comments you made about them.
    “…you were making daft, fun records and starring in appalling movies with Lindsay Lohan. You were crap, but in a knowing way.”
    See that, for example, is totally untrue. They weren’t crap in a knowing way, they were pop in a knowing way. Their records weren’t daft. Fun yes, of course they were never going to pretend Obviously or 5 Colours In Her Hair were deep, meaningful songs, but not daft. More number 1’s than queen? I doubt how daft music could do that. The Fast Food Rockers, that’s daft music, and McFly are much more than that. The reason people are thinking that with this single McFly are trying to be something they’re not is simply because they have never released this kind of song as a single before, not because they haven’t written them. Unreleased songs such as She Falls Asleep and Walk In The Sun for example, truly are great, emotional songs, in my opinion.
    I would also just like to make a small point about “Everybody knows the point of manufactured boy or girl groups is to make silly, trashy, disposable pop.” The minute you start to take yourselves too seriously and think of yourselves as ‘artists’, then the game’s up.”
    They are not manufactured and they ARE real artists and always have been, people can’t seem to fathom that pop songs and credible musical ability can go together, and I don’t see why.
    Basically I guess my point is that McFly are truly talented musicians who are capable of writing fun guitar-driven pop songs AND more serious mature ones, why can’t people accept that?
    Lastly, your comment about limited shelf life was totally irrelevant and untrue and only made you look silly. I genuinely am not just trying to be nasty or anything, but it’s just true.
    I’m not here to be spiteful to you just because you didn’t praise the living daylights out of McFly, and I suppose sometimes fans can get too involved/personal and not accept/respect that some people just don’t like their favourite band, but I’m just here to (hopefully) have written what you asked for, a well written argument.

  • Mel

    I understand that everyone has their opinion and should be allowed to put it across in whichever way they can.
    Every band has their fair share of bad reviews in their career because hey, they can’t please everyone.
    However, i don’t agree with this review because yes i am a Mcfly fan and a loyal one at that. This song is different from their usual up-beat “pop” songs because they are maturing and so their music reflects that. If they were as you say a “manufactured pop band” then do you think they would show off their full potential? NO!
    And as for the “pop” – this drives me insane, Mcfly have been branded as a pop band whilst every loyal fan will think differently, as they are great songwriters and performers who just get thrown aside because they started in the same era as boy bands were still around. They deserve a much better recognision as they are not just some random boy band who has a certain shelf life, they shall be around for a long time still, if their fans stick with them and continue to recognise them as the talented band they are.

  • Tim

    Yeah John, be careful with your opinion, it’s out there for the impressionable public to read! Who knows what damage you could cause. You could, with the merest sweep of your pen, convince a whole army of easily-led McFly fans that their band of choice is, in fact, crap. Then what would the poor boys do? How would they eat?! You be careful swinging those opinions about in here mister…

  • rosie

    i am a huge mcfly fan. i understand that everyone is allowed their own opinions and just because your opinion differs from mine doesn’t change the fact that i think mcfly are amazing musicians they write and play their own music how many manufactured boy bands do that? they have only been around for four years yet they have already had seven number ones just from three albums, they are the youngest band to ever have a number one beating the beatles and they have had more number ones than robbie williams, elton john, queen and boyzone. i believe mcfly’s music has only matured and they are developing their unique talents. just because you wrote a review of what you thought about the new single it doesn’t change my opinion or the millions of other fans. so say what you like about mcfly because its your opinion but i still think that they rock.

  • vicky

    do you honestly expect mcfly to continue writing songs like 5 colours and obviously? yes they are growing up, everyone does, if you think back to the early days of take that, they were an all dancing all singing boyband, now they are back they are all serious and DIFFERENT because they have grown up, i dont see everyone dissing them and saying their time is up, people automaticly pick on mcfly because they are 4 good looking guys with talent and they cant deal with that!

  • I think that you entitled to your opinion. I am not a great fan of this single and i would call myself a ‘passionate’ fan. If i see negative reviews i normally just shrug them off, or just question their thinking.
    I do object to the torrent of abuse you have been recieving though, i think thats a bit out of order.
    Nice to acknowledge the passion of us fans though!

  • Sally

    I’m from the US and am an “older” McFly fan. Their new single “The Heart Never Lies” is a powerful love song that showcases not only their talent but also their maturity. The reason they have such loyal fans is because they reach out to them through their very own, personally run, “Myspace” site and through the bulletins they post several times a week. There is no band or celeb for that matter in the US that runs their own myspace or takes the time to acknowledge their fans the way McFLY does. They also engage their fans during their concerts. I’ve been passionate about music all my life and have seen many bands perform, however McFLY by far is the most personable, fun and entertaining yet. So much so, I will be traveling to England in November to see them perform in Birmingham! As for your review, you have the right of “freedom of the press” however, you were downright nasty and arrogant. A good, reputable journalist should see the whole picture and not just thrust their own, small-minded thoughts upon everyone. They should acknowledge the facts as well. Thanks at least, for taking a step back to introspect this article you’ve written.

  • Tomina

    I normally shrug off reviews. However, you did not just review their song, you slammed McFLY in a personal attack and that is downright wrong. I agree everyone has the right to their own opinion but you took nasty, cheap shots about a band you obviously don’t know. The fans had no other choice but to defend McFLY. As I will too. McFLY are very talented individuals who write their own songs and play their own instruments. There are very FEW bands or entertainers out there who can. I agree with the other posts on here and cannot understand why so many people think McFLY are a manufactured POP band. Did you see them on Top Gear (or whatever that show was) when they had to write and perform a song in less than 20 minutes? They even wrote in a guitar solo for Danny!! Keep writing your reviews but stop taking cheap shots. You’re no better than Louis Walsh.

  • I read your review, and although I am a McFly fan (well, at least I think I still am) I agreed with most of it. The song is insanely boring and just goes nowhere. When I first heard it I was very disappointed and thought it would grow on me, but it didn’t.
    I then went onto the McFly boards and saw everyone going crazy over your review, and it just made me laugh. Most of (not all) of the fans on there will love anything that McFly do no matter what it sounds like, which is so irritating.
    This isn’t directly related, but Calvin Harris recently posted a blog stating his opinion about McFly only being in it for the money now, and exploiting their fans with numerous downloads of the same thing. Although I do not like Calvin Harris, I had to agree with him to a certain extent. An argument from some of the fans was that, they have their own mind, but I remember being twelve year old McFly fan, and if Tom from McFly says ‘hey, download this through your mobile now!’ I would do it. Unfortunately, it’s McFly’s management who seem to be controlling them more, and more, which is one of the reasons I have started disliking McFly more and more. And the fact that their new song is complete crap, and they’re (forgive me) ‘selling out’, or so it seems, just so they can try and get a bit more credit, from critics like you.
    Ahh, I do appear to have rambled on a lot. I hope I have gotten my point across okay.

  • cristina

    i think it’s not bad not to start a “war” about a bad music review..i mean that doesn’t mean u’re not pasionate about music.
    I’m a McFLY fan and i didn’t like your review but it’s your problem if you don’t like not mine..i mean at the end of the day i’m still buying the cd. But what you said that reviews affect other people’s choices of buying the album, that’s true and kinda bothers me because if someone read your article they may say “i’m not buying that cd because it has bad reviews..but agian that’s something silly because you should be able to decide for yourself!!
    Well then that’s what i think…and sorry for the bad writing, english isn’t my native language!

  • Krystie

    I will not sit here and hurl abuse at you, as, i’m sure, some people will choose to; instead i will make a simple point.
    First of all, i found your review of the new song very harsh, and even when you were seemingly complimenting them you still managed to imply negative connotations: ‘catchy as the bubonic plague’. Very clever, but not exactly a nice picture.
    I can’t really judge, when I first heard them i jumped on the bandwagon as a hater too, but then i actually (get this) listened to them – shocking i know. I would suggest trying this, they are so much more than they seem, yet, i wondered why they never released any of their deeper more ballady tunes – now i know; maybe it’s cos of thwe perople waiting to jump on and rip them apart as soon as they try? Cos yes, ever since the days of FCIHH there were songs such as, Not Alone, She Falls Asleep, Too Close For Comfort and Bubblewrap to even it out.
    I agree with what someone above has said,, people don’t take McFLY fans seriously, eg. if i say i like MCR, 30STM or FFAF, i’m imediately ‘cool’, if, however, i say i like McFLY, Fightstar or Good Charlotte, i’m cast aside as a lost cause. Is this fair? Is it not possible to luike all six and still be thought of as ‘credible’? The answer would appear to be ‘no’. I for one think it’s a shame that just because I have an eclectic taste in music i’m treated as an insolent child who has been sucked in by clever imagery and marketing – this is not the case! I have an opinion which is entirely made up of my own mind!
    Also i think this review is extremely hypocritical, not only because i am almost certain that if McFLY had decided to stick to what they know and feel safe doing – bubble-gum pop tunes – then you would be writing an review saying how bored we are of the same old, tired popnness, but also because you dared to mention their ‘shelf life’. As a music lover surely you must realise that most boybands only have a shelf-life because they refuse to step out of their safety zone and their music doesn’t really progress in aptitude. This time the guys have gone for something different to showcase their progression – how you can possibly justify yourself insulting them on that then reffering to a shelf life is beyond me.
    Personally when i first heard the single i wasn’t impressed because i preferred hits like ‘Star Girl’ but i now really like the song and i would like to finish this by saying that no the guys are not ‘past it’ the fans are not going anywhere and we hope that the guys will be around for many years to come.

  • Actually, I agree with you John. Just because you like a band it doesn’t we always have to passionately like their songs all the friggin time. I for once am in the same boat as you. I hate the song with a passion! I don’t understand why they want to release it as a single. Then again, I could rant about it being shit all night long and it wouldn’t make a damn difference and at the end, fellow fans will still make the song a number one. No doubt this will brand me as a McFly hater, but yahknow, whatevs…
    Then again, I guess it’s similar to the case of someone posting a negative comment on, say, Hanson, and I happen to read it… what am I gonna do? Cry? I’d probably say “whatever, their call not mine” and move on… I wouldn’t abuse the reviewer for not liking a particular material released by a particular band.
    To whoever wrote this sentence: “Then stop wasting your time writing articles like this. McFly fans are loyal and we are not going to listen to an old man review about how “bad” a song is.” He has as much right to say what he wants about who he wants, negative or otherwise. I’m a 22-year-old college girl and I myself am a loyal McFly fan, have been since late 2003. And between you and me, I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about the song either. You can make up your mind, so can we. If you can’t take it from another fan, maybe you should rethink before abusing a neutral party. And I mean it when I say some McFly fans are just TOO FRIGGIN SENSITIVE! Let other people disagree once in a while.

  • natalie

    Please don’t think all McFly fans are as pathetic as those who have written in having a go at you, i think it’s such a shame that you feel the need to explain yourself like this! McFly fans need to get a grip (i’m a fan myself but some fans make me feel so ashamed to be one). The bit at the end made me laugh though, when someone says something negative about mcfly, with the majority of McFly fans good reasoning goes straight out the window and they act like you’ve told the band to throw themselves under a bus.

  • natalie

    why does it say my comment was posted by karissa?!

  • Natalie – it doesn’t. Postees are listed at the end of their posts. Same as our writers’ names are listed at the end of their articles.
    I’m glad to hear that there are balanced, sane McFly fans though. Some of the comments John’d forwarded to me were bordering on pathological.

  • Katie

    Man not again! It’s times like these that make me ashamed to be a mcfly fan! I have seen this so many times over the past 3 years or so were fans get so defensive when a negative thing is written about McFly.
    I read your review yesterday and didn’t feel the need to reply to it because I didn’t have a problem with what you wrote as everyone has an opinion and are entitled to express that opinion.
    I happen to like the song but I understand that not everyone is going to like the same things…fair play! I just cant understand why these fans that have emailed you cannot see that aswell!
    Seriously people this is one persons opinion why are you all getting so angry about it.
    Also before someone says it (as atleast one person always does)because I don’t have a problem with hearing/seeing reviews like this about Mcfly doesn’t make me any less of a fan or dis0loyal to Mcfly

  • Monica

    look what you said in your review might have been a little out of line. i’m not a crazy mcfly fan like most of the girls that are probably commenting this blog, i love mcfly’s music don’t get me wrong but it’s just i’m just not a crazy raging hormones 12 year old thats going to talk on and on about how mcfly’s music is the best because i have to admit it’s not but i think they still are an awesome band. there’s no way you can call me anything, well maybe ignorant to the mcfly buzz in britain due to the fact that i live in america, but i do know one truth unfortunately mcfly wouldn’t find themselves in the same position they are over there here. mcfly would probably just be another radio disney band that little kids love and teenage girls find beautiful to stare at, like zac efron or the jonas brothers but then we still think they should come, we still think they should try. why is that? its not like the rap “music” (enfasis on the qoutation marks) era will leave america anytime soon so who thinks that people who can actually play instruments can make it here. might as well pack your bags and go back home. well, i’m sorry i got a little bit off topic. i love mcfly they do something that there is such a lack of here in america, its called real music. though it has a poppy catchy tune and may not be considered real to some its the basis of why we all love music today. not to put mcfly at par with music legends the beatles but the beatles didn’t have an all rock thing to them what made them so appealing was their poppy tunes, so why are we hating on pop music. though this song is just a band who is trying to see where they fit so that their not just some other pop band that will fade away into the distance let them find out what works and what doesn’t. you said it yourself you can’t control the fact that the song will probably go to number one but you can just for a moment get off your pompous horse and realize that maybe the first thing that truely got you to love music is throwing itself in your face and you’re just to narrow-minded to see what it truly is.

  • Me.

    I had to laugh at the comment someone posted about them not listening to you – well they sent you the abuse – so they obviously listened to what you said.
    I congratulate you for the review of the new McFly song. I am an avid McFly fan, and have been for many years, but this song just isn’t as great as everybody is saying.
    You’re more than entilted to post your review, without copping abuse from a bunch of thirteen year old girls, who still believe that they’re going to marry Dougie and omgahzzz r gunz hav Dannehz babehz.
    I think you raised very valid points in your review. The song is a total turn in direction for McFly’s music, and after hearing “Ignorance”, the Dougie Poynter written B-side to the single, i’m confused as to what direction McFly are indeed trying to take.
    We have “The Heart Never Lies” which to me, sounds like a failed attempt to recreate the success Snow Patrol had with “Chasing Cars”, and The Fray with “Over My Head”. Then there’s “Ignorance”, which to me sounds like a Blink 182 crossed with Kid Courageous (An Australian punk/rock/pop band), crossed with The Used (they’ve chucked in a bit of Danny Jones screamo) crossed with McFly, and it doesn’t work. Then theres “The Way You Make Me Feel”, of which I’ve only heard a 30 second snippit, but sounds to me like old McFly, with lots of ba ba ba’s, a generally fun song.
    That’s 3 completly different musical styles, none of which would mesh well on an album in my opinion.
    I sometimes wonder whether McFly even know what direction they want to head in anymore.
    But apart from my opinion on new McFly, I’m glad you’ve acknowledged how passionate McFly fans are, and it’s just a shame that alot of us get stereotyped under the teenie label, when there is a fair percentage nowadays who are alot older, alot more willing to accept criticism, and have better things to do than hurl abuse at whoever criticises a band.
    McFly are not the be all and end all of the music industry, or life. They’re not the most talented, nor the greatest band ever, their music is simple, and to me thats what makes it so good.
    Thats my rather lengthy 20 cents worth.

  • Sehrish Khan

    I am what you ca a ‘TYPICAL’
    in the way that i am a female and fall into the 10-15 age catogory. actaully i’m just at the brim but
    no matter how much i love McFly, i believe everyone is intitled to thier opinion as i dont like many artist but alot of my friends do.
    these people just have to deal with it.
    you cant abuse people to make them think the way you want them to think.
    Its a fact of life people
    anyway it was nice commenting on this
    and i also think that some fans are just naive.

  • chase

    Im a McFly fan and really I love to read negative things about them because half the time I end up agreeing with the person who wrote it. It’s what they think, there’s no need to bash the person who wrote it. I’m more of the ‘eh whateva’ type person when I read things like that, even if I do sometimes agree.
    I think it’s somewhat weird/immature to go mad on a person who wrote a negative thing about a band and I’m only 15.
    It annoys me really.

  • John

    Can I just thank everyone who’s commented so far (even those of you who want to string me up from the nearest lamp-post!) – I think it’s a really interesting debate.

  • Matt

    I have to agree with my fellow McFlites. I’m an impressionable 35-year old and, having read you scathing review, would not now consider buying McFly’s latest pop offering. Instead, I’ll probably spend the money on cheap, poisonous alcohol. Thanks a lot!

  • Krystie

    I don’t wish to string yo up from a lamppost John. I sometimes wish to string half of McFLY’s fanbase and management up from a lamppost, but not you.

  • Katharina

    I just wanted to say that I read your review and wanted to say that some of the accusations made agtainst mcfly were totally unfounded…they’ve been able to play their instruments right from the moments they started and have only gotten better. Maybe seeing them live will change your opinion about them, as this is effectively what we are arguing about.

  • Justine

    I love mcfly. i saw them at brighton and wembley live this year. for the first time. and wow. it was amazing. the atmosphere was immence and it was an epic night. With perfect vocals and the bass guitar player sweaty and the drummer with his pulsing muscles and four of the nicest lads in show business it was worth every penny. Mcfly dont get enough credit for their work. Their always doing nice stuff for their fans, doing singings, competions even going to africa hardly any celebrites do that. Mcfly have talent in all the write spots. They play and write their own songs. Their just not one of these bands like take that and westlife who dance with two left feet and just stand their and sing. Mcfly interact with the audeince. I feel i know Mcfly. Their down to earth, genuine and just four lovley boys. They wanted to show another side of them and i think it was well worth it. Their an amazing band and definatley deserve more credit for their work. People need to stop cristing them just because they dont have that sort of talent inside them. Whatever you throw to Mcfly their gunna do the best they can at it. They can do bubbly cheesy pop songs , to ballads and soppy love songs to rock hard songs. Get over Mcflys first single .Times have changed, the boys grew up and are just showing people what they have to offer.

  • Ed

    IMO if McFly had released DON’T KNOW WHY, TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT, SHE FALLS ASLEEP (PARTS I AND II) for example, they would have recieved the credibility they deserve.

  • Stephan

    So. McFLY. Love ’em. That I do.
    But I worry about them sometimes.
    They are wonderful musicians and as a struggling guitar player, I long to see the day I can at least play like they do. And they have a personality and spirit that along with their musicianship can take them a very long way.
    But lyrically they waver. Even as pop songs, some of the lyrics Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry come up with are sub par or even worse. “The Heart Never Lies” is an example of this. My problem isn’t with their attempt at a serious ballad; it’s with the execution. The song lyrically contradicts the maturity they want to show and musically, it’s nothing high on my list. They’ve recessed back to their first album of simple phrases and very common chord progressions. “G, C, G, C, Em, C, G, C…” and so on.
    Don’t get me wrong. The song is, dare I say, very catchy. I wouldn’t spend an hour or two learning to play it on guitar and piano if I didn’t think so. And I really love McFLY as a band for the fans. When I watch them perform live, (I live in America so I’ve only seen the DVDs and fan videos on Youtube) they have a musician/audience dynamic that is astounding. To put it simply, they are amazing performers, and just wonderfully down-to-earth boys.
    So that means I want to see them grow and succeed. And if their going to do that, they have to do a lot better then: “The Heart Never Lies.”
    I do, however, disagree with you, John, about the role McFLY plays in the music world. Sure, the boys are very good at brightening up one’s day with their summertime pop songs (Surfer Girl, That Girl…), but I actually believe songs like She Falls Asleep Parts 1&2, Transylvania are their way to go. Too Close for Comfort” was the song that got me into McFLY in the first place. (Yes, I saw Just My Luck and I constantly wish McFLY had a better bridge into America than a D+ Lindsay Lohan film).
    I see McFLY as a band that can break the stereotype of the typical boy band persona. They could be the wrench in the gears, but they have to write much better to do it. I think their next album will show us just what McFLY is capable of, whether good or bad. (Hopefully good!)
    P.S. I believe “The Way You Make Me Feel” is a cover song of “Can’t Stop Diggin” by Foolproof.

  • dougiesbabe

    i luv mcflys new single the heart never lies its cool

  • Claire

    It was surfer babe not surfer girl btw, people your just jelous of their success

  • Hannah

    I read this review before reading the review of the single and was imagining the review on The Heart Never Lies would just be a review that basically said that you thought the structure was too simple or that it didn’t suit your tastes.
    I’ve just read the review on The Heart Never Lies and I have to say that it was one of the most badly written professional reviews I have ever read, and I do read a lot of those. Instead of bad-mouthing the band itself, you could have at least said that it was a decent song and that it would most likely be a big hit, but you thought that the “poppier” songs suited the band more. However, I read your review and it has nothing to do with the musical stucture or a professional reviewer’s point of view, but yet it seems to go on about the band like they have just released a song that S Club 7 would be ashamed of.
    “You’re a pop band, and you have a limited shelf-life.”
    You really have no idea about music, do you? Maybe you get paid a lot of money for doing these reviews, but I could write a better review for my GCSE exam. What about other pop bands like Girls Aloud who have been around for God knows how long? or the Sugababes or Westlife for that matter? I am aware that these other bands don’t really relate to McFly as much, but these days pop bands don’t come and go as much as they used to.
    Maybe you don’t know the work McFly put into their music? Have you ever seen the amount of work they have to put in when they’re in the studio? I’d love to see you even attempt to write a song that would reach the Top 40 without it being a joke.
    Believe me, I know how hard it is. I’m not one of those screaming eleven year old McFly fans (as even as I have been a loyal McFly fan for the past 5 years, I know how scary and weird some other fans can be), I am one of the fans that have been inspired by what you have called a “truly horrible guitar solo that’s presumably meant to impress on us how they’re serious musicians these days,” and that is why I am writing this complaint, as I was disgraced at how you could write such a thing. I was inspired as a teenager to look into music and pick up a guitar by McFly. They have made me the person who I am now and that is why this “review” has made me so angry.
    I am aware that the review for The Heart Never Lies is over a year old, and I recently read a review on this website about the I Kissed A Girl cover by McFly. I’m not sure if this is the same person who’s written it, but it looks like you have actually looked into music and seen that the music they put out ISN’T manufactured by some record label, and has a lot of hard work put into it.
    Sorry for the essay of a comment, the review on the single made me extremely angry.