two nuggets about Harrison Ford

It’s worth noting that:

a) Indy 4 has a title (actually, it’s had one for years but this was the first I heard of it). It’s longer, and odder, than any of the previous: no "Raiding", "Doom" or "Last"; "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" sounds more like a Harry Potter title (or a computer game) than any of the 80’s classics. Still, it’s very much in keeping with its pulp-novella roots. Principal filming has now finished and the release date is the 22nd May. Let’s hope they move it sooner…

b) Ridley Scott’s new cut of Blade Runner, mentioned a good two times already on this blog, has a limited release as of next week, and will be available in Picture House cinemas only. Worth catching on the big screen both for its magnificence, and also to save you the £50 and back-problems that would arise from buying the somewhat bloated new DVD set.

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